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What We Offer

Data Analytics

Tenosar developers are experienced at adding intelligence to applications using numerous selection of pretraining services; providing computer speech, vision, language analytics, and other functionalities. Tenosar's Strategic Research Tool (TSRT), is capable of performing an extensive data analysis.

Software Support

We provide software support, design, coding, integration, installation, and testing.

Artificial Intelligence

We know and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve complex issues.

Machine Learning

We build capabilities tailored for rapid action and are presently developing advanced analytics tools for the healthcare industry using the Medical Information System (MIST)--the technology designed for a managed care setting using EHR System.

Simulation Software

Our team has performed R&D in simulation software for the US Army Synthetic Training Environment's One World Terrain.


Tenosar Team has capabilities of migrating into a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) CSP.

Hosting Engineers

We offer in-house expertise for migrating to Public, Hybrid, Private, or Multi-Cloud solutions. We have access to 300+ hosting engineers across Linux, Windows, and VMWare.

Certified Technicians

Tenosar has access to 40+ AWS certified technicians supporting all AWS public regions and AWS GovCloud. We are FedRamp, FISMA, NIST, and DFARS compliant.


What Makes Us Great

We develop new technologies and improve existing ones into resources for analytics in healthcare and education.
We own proprietary software for managing databases and querying data using surveys and other unique data analytics tools.
At Tenosar, we have proven and unique data integration systems, such as the Parallel Network Data Analyzer.
Tenosar works closely with its consumers to develop solutions based on their individual demands and special requirements.
We work with you to research, design, prototype, and test your tailored solutions and provide follow-up services.

Healthcare Software Development Contracting for Twisted Ceptors, LLC

Introducing a vendor-neutral, cloud-based archiving system that links diagnostic images and reports. -A shareable diagnostics result in a network that provides successful technology and EDI based health care exchange solutions.