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The Tenosar team consists of military veterans, technical experts, and engineers with decades of experience in operational solutions, program management, strategic and tactical planning. We are skilled at meeting operational challenges and supporting our client’s critical mission. Our decades of experience help to minimize risks, make informed decisions, make sure projects are on time, on budget, and meet quality standards by thorough planning with experienced task management.

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Training R&D and Support Staffing:
We provide training support services for the Department of Veterans Affairs SimLEARN Center for Training Physicians and Nurses. R&D In Simulation Software for the US Army Synthetic Training Environment (STE), One World Terrain. The next generation of Simulation Trainers for the Department of Defense Ground Forces.

We are part of the General Dynamics Mission Systems go-forward team CPM Plus IDIQ US Army PEO STRI to maintain and modernize the family of live training systems. We are also part of the GSA OASIS IDIQ Small Business Pool 1 and 3 with LUKOS Technologies.

Development of Operational Procedures:
We identify and develop procedures for daily operations in administrative settings and training schools. We offer policy and procedure development and review, program management plan development and review, program reviews and reporting, contracts management, and acquisition support

We also offer comprehensive financial/budgetary analysis and reporting, resource management support, quality control, and process improvement recommendations.

Staffing Solutions Performance:
This includes contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Medical Groups, and Managed Care Organizations'.

We are experienced in supplying contracted physicians and Healthcare Technicians for staffing to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Private Clinics.

Tenosar is contracted by Transportation Solutions & Logistices, LLC in the Management & Operation of a Non-Emergency Logistics Company, by its parent company Metro Health of Orlando, Commercial Contract for the past 5 years.