What is TSRT?

TSRT is an analytical tool that offers flexible customization capabilities for evaluation, analysis and reporting. It can be used with online platforms, SMS, phone calls, and other data to extract and evaluate the highest percentage of responses.

When to use TSRT:

TSRT is best used for data gathering for analysis and decision making when choices are data-driven. Having the information to make the most accurate and decisive decision is invaluable.

Additionally, it has the ability to gather data from multiple sources and platforms in minutes.


  • Fully customized questions to sort and weight only the most up-to-date and relevant information
  • Information sent and received remains completely private, as TSRT does not store any of your information, keeping the full cycle of information protected
  • Reports are available in COTS and analyzed formats as needed
  • Tiered license structure available to meet all of your data gathering needs