I/ITSEC 2017 Premiere

PaNDA Challenge!

Tenosar is excited to premiere our newest product, PaNDA, at I/ITSEC 2017! In honor of this launch, we will be hosting #PaNDAChallenge, and each day, there will be five “holiday” PaNDA stickers to find.

Each day, find and take a selfie with each of the five holiday PaNDA stickers and get a prize!  But, be careful… there are going to be PaNDA stickers everywhere and only  five “holiday” stickers each day.  Good luck from the Tenosar Team!

Parallel Network Data Analyzer (PaNDA)
PaNDA is a visual, data and analytical evaluation tool, with a dashboard display, which allows users to collect, evaluate and sort information from two or more separate networks. It provides invaluable assistance when data from multiple networks are required, and enables users to share, analyze, or communicate, and better understand the exercise, mission, and results.